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Practice Overview:
Wilson & Parlett, Personal Injury Lawyers, is a law firm dedicated to representing the interest of injury victims in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our experienced lawyers have represented thousands of injury victims dealing with a wide variety of issues, from the victims of car, truck and motorcycle accidents, to those that are being denied social security benefits. The skilled attorneys of Wilson & Parlett can also represent you in cases of medical negligence or nursing home abuse, as well as workers’ compensation filings and disputes.

Our highly-qualified personal injury attorneys have collected millions of dollars for our clients since the firm’s founding in 1988. Do not allow the insurance companies to deny responsibility, or mislead you. We can help protect your rights.
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We establish a personal relationship with each of our clients, making certain that each receives the compensation he or she deserves. Representing injury victims is our only business. Since we handle only injury cases, we have the knowledge and expertise to help with your case. Our lawyers have a reputation for zealously representing injury victims. With over 70 years of combined experience in injury litigation, Wilson & Parlett is the firm that you want in your corner.

Call today at 1-877-PARLETT (1-877-727-5388) to schedule your free initial consultation, or fill out a Contact Us form through our site and a representative from our firm will contact you shortly. We also make hospital visits and in-home visits if necessary.

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Professional Profile:
Wilson & Parlett was established in 1988 to provide comprehensive legal services to injury victims. Our goal from the beginning has been to provide the highest quality representation with an emphasis on total client satisfaction. We take great pride in developing a personal relationship with each of our clients, working hard to take away the anxiety of dealing with an unexpected injury. We thoroughly explain the legal issues to our clients and keep them informed as their case progresses.

We understand your concerns…
An unexpected car accident or work injury can not only cause tremendous injuries, pain, and personal anxiety, it can also cause financial disaster. Who will pay for the medical bills and loss of earnings? How long will the process take? Will I be able to return to my job and, if not, how will I be compensated? Is my health insurance responsible to pay my bills or should they be paid by another source? Which insurance company is responsible to compensate me, if any. If there is no insurance coverage, who will pay?

These are the common questions that arise following an auto accident or work injury. Injury victims often rely solely on the insurance companies to explain the coverage available or to guide the victim through the process. Unfortunately, more often than not this results in shifting the responsibility of payment to others, such as health insurers or your own insurer, or simply denying benefits even though your claim is legitimate. Workers’ compensation claimants are often told they do not have a valid claim when the law provides that they are, in fact, entitled to benefits. Remember, the insurance companies are in the business of making profits for their shareholders, not the injury victims. Relying on a claims adjuster’s advice regarding your claim is a mistake. Your case deserves the best representation available – Wilson & Parlett can help.

We can help with your case…
Our lawyers and staff are experts in accessing the validity of a claim and determining who is responsible for payment of your damages, including medical bills, lost earning, etc. Since we only represent injury victims, we have vast experience handling these matters and have successfully settled or litigated claims against nearly every major insurance company in the country. Wilson & Parlett is well known in the insurance industry with a reputation for skilled and aggressive advocacy on behalf of its injury clients. Unlike many firms that purport to help accident victims, we actually take cases to court when other firms would settle, even if the amount does not fairly compensate the victim. Ensuring fair and prompt compensation is our goal, whether by settlement or through litigation.

Wilson & Parlett, Personal Injury Lawyers, is a law firm dedicated to representing the interest of injury victims in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. Whether you are injured in a car accident, hurt on the job, or a victim of medical malpractice, Wilson & Parlett is the law firm for you.

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