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William Hall

William  Hall

100 East Main St
7th Floor
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
United States

Telephone: (410) 749-1699
Firm: William R. Hall, P.A.
Practice Overview:
At William R. Hall, P.A., you can find a Salisbury criminal defense and personal injury attorney who cares about you and your case. Whether you have been injured by a car accident or a slip and fall accident, or arrested for DWI or facing a drug crime, you can always trust Attorney Hall to fight for the best possible outcome. He understands that the course of your future depends on the outcome of your legal matter, and he works hard to make sure you walk away with a favorable result. Attorney Hall is known for delivering the highest standards of personalized service. He always begins by getting to know each client in order to better serve their needs. Legal matters are stressful, and you need a strong advocate who can stand up for you, whether it’s fighting for fair compensation or challenging criminal charges. Call for a FREE consult.