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Thorp Law

Thorp  Law

150 Fayetteville Street Suite 1900
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601
United States

Telephone: (919) 373-3390
Firm: Thorp Law
Practice Overview:
Helping people comes first at Thorp Law. For years, the firm’s skilled team of Raleigh personal injury lawyers have helped people seek justice after being harmed by someone else’s negligence. In between medical expenses and the insurance companies trying to mitigate your claim, it can feel like the world is out to get you. Isaac Thorp and his team are here to provide you with a valuable ally while you fight for the justice you are owed. The attorneys of Thorp law work one-on-one with their clients. When you need to talk to your legal counsel, you will be talking to the attorney himself, not a paralegal or assistant. The Thorp Law team takes your injury just as seriously as you do, and will not bury your case underneath mountains of paperwork. In addition to personal injury, Thorp Law also practices eminent domain and legal malpractice. When you have been mistreated by the government or another attorney, they can help you make things right. Thorp Law operates on a contingency fee basis, call today to arrange a free consultation.

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