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The Jonathan Y. Short, P.C.

The Jonathan  Y. Short, P.C.

2121 Eisenhower Avenue
Suite 200
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
United States

Telephone: 703-465-5505
Firm: The Jonathan Y. Short, P.C.
Practice Overview:
Criminal Defense , Criminal Defense Attorney ,Grand Larceny Attorney, Lawyer, Legal

Professional Profile:
When you face a Criminal Defense case, you want as much knowledge and versatility on your side as you can get. With the lawyers of The Jonathan Y. Short, P.C., you get a team devoted to understanding the local nuances of Alexandria area Criminal Defense cases. Our team studies Alexandria area court rulings consistently. After 26 years, we have seen every tactic in the book used by the state.

The Jonathan Y. Short, P.C. is a strong advocate during the discovery phase of the trial, and no element of your case will go unexamined. We have 26 years experience negotiating with Alexandria area prosecutors in Criminal Defense cases and will effectively negotiate a reasonable settlement in your case if you decide to go that route. If you decide to go to trial, our careful understanding of Alexandria court rules means that every right you have will be asserted and pursued to the fullest extent of the law. The Jonathan Y. Short, P.C. lawyers are expert litigators and know how to present facts and arguments to juries in Criminal Defense cases in a way that they can understand and relate to.