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Susan Sandys

Susan  Sandys

3802 E Shangri La Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85028
United States

Telephone: (602) 996-4076
Firm: Susan L. Sandys Estate Planning Attorney
Practice Overview:
Estate planning is the way we continue to take care of our families when we are not able to do so. We take care of our families every day of our lives. The idea that we may face a time when we cannot interact with our loved ones or express our love for them is enough to make most of us want to cry. But the beauty of estate planning documents is that they give us the tools to do what we no longer can do on our own.


Professional Profile:
I grew up in the Detroit suburbs. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer from the summer I turned 16. I worked for a law office that summer and other than breaking the copy machine, I loved being in that environment. It just clicked with me. Being a lawyer lets me do 5 things I love: chat a lot, meet people, write, figure out complicated situations and help people.