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Ryan Scott Nalley

Ryan Scott Nalley

161 N. Clark St. Suite 4700
Chicago, Illinois 60601
United States

Telephone: 312.523.2168
Facsimile: 312.523.2001
Firm: The Law Office of Ryan Scott Nalley
Practice Overview:
Ryan Scott Nalley was working full time as a private detective when he decided to practice law. Today he is an attorney at law concentrating in the areas of civil rights, employee rights, criminal defense, and general civil litigation. Mr. Nalley is dedicated to handling a wide variety employment law related matters including, but not limited to, actions pursuant to Title VII of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, the Fair Housing Act, the Illinois Minimum Wage Law, the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act, the American’s with Disabilities Act, the Illinois Human Rights Act, The Family Medical Leave Act, as well as other common law actions and contract disputes. In addition to being a skilled litigator, he is also an effective negotiator, and has been successful in mediation as well as in the courtroom.

Mr. Nalley grew up in Pensacola, Florida before he moved to Chicago where he began studying philosophy at Loyola University of Chicago, and later as graduate student at DePaul University. As an undergraduate, Mr. Nalley spent a year studying in Rome, Italy, and traveled throughout Europe and Israel. However, before he began studying law, he spent four years working full time as a private investigator, during which he traveled the country investigating fraud, and assisting in criminal defense cases, which included one death penalty case.

During his years working as a private investigator he witnessed first hand the injustices that decent people suffer. As a result of such experiences he was compelled to study law in the hopes of remedying such injustices. Today, when he takes on a case, he does so because he believes in the cause and the client.