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Ryan G. Blanch

Ryan G. Blanch

261 Madison Avenue
12th Floor
New York, New York 10016
United States

Telephone: (888) 8-BLANCH
Facsimile: (212) 736-3910
Firm: The Blanch Law Firm
Practice Overview:
The Blanch Law Firm's criminal trial strategy is unique in that we dedicate a team of Four Criminal Lawyers to every major crime we defend. Utilizing this strategy, our achievements in the field of criminal defense are noteworthy. We have secured dismissals of numerous high profile cases and serious felony charges in Federal and State criminal courts. Our cases include charges encompassing international financial crimes, to Homicide to Wire Fraud to narcotics trafficking, to tax evasion, to Money Laundering to securities violations to so-called crime cartels involving alleged medicaid, medicare and insurance fraud organizations, gambling rings, prostitution rings, conspiracy to export stolen vehicles and other major and high-profile cases in and around New York.

Criminal attorney and founder of the firm Ryan Blanch, personally oversees and strategizes the defense of every criminal case. Our case management model is such that every attorney here is constantly aware of the most up to date developments in every case. This allows our criminal defense team to operate as "one brain" in connection with the defense of our client's case.

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime-- really if you have reason to believe you are being investigated for a crime, you should hire an experienced criminal law attorney immediately. Find a dedicated, aggressive defense lawyer who will devote the time required to try to get you acquitted you of the charges you are facing.

New York

Professional Profile:
Ryan Blanch, the founder and lead attorney of The Blanch Law firm, has defined himself as a premier New York criminal defense attorney. His skill in defending clients in all manner of criminal charges and white collar cases has made him highly sought after throughout New York and the business community.

Successful Results

Mr. Blanch’s success as an attorney has led to the freedom of clients who faced serious jail time, as well as the continued financial success of those facing white collar charges. During Mr. Blanch’s career, serving as part of our criminal defense attorney team, and white collar attorney team, he has helped achieve the following results (among many others):

•Criminal – Our Client was charged with multiple incidents of the forcible rape of a individual who was less than 15 years old. If convicted, our client would have been exposed to over 50 years in jail. The Blanch Law Firm was able to have all charges against our client dismissed before trial.
•White Collar – Our client worked for a major medical supply company and was under investigation for possible bid rigging and antitrust violations. The Blanch Law firm was able to deal with the investigation in a manner that prevented the arrest and criminal prosecution of our client.

The New York Times, Page 6 of the NY Post, FOX News Live and the Wall Street Journal have chronicled Mr. Blanch’s many success and sought him out for his insight into legal matters.