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Richard King

Richard King

1667 Capital Avenue, Suite A
Madison, Wisconsin 53705
United States

Telephone: 608-233-9588
Firm: King Law Offices, LLC
Practice Overview:
Our firm is located in Madison, Wisconsin. We practice primarily in wills and estate planning, probate, tax planning, business planning and real estate.

By narrowing the scope of services offered, we can be very skilled in specific areas of practice. With constant changes in the law, especially in the tax and estate planning areas, it is very difficult for attorneys to be proficient in numerous areas of law. Our practice is limited primarily to estate, tax and business planning. We analyze individual needs and goals and outline, design and implement plans which meet your goals in the most beneficial and cost-effective way with the least possible paperwork and bureaucracy.

The key to our success is the quality relationship which we maintain with clients. Clients are treated with integrity and respect for their needs, goals, and objectives. We educate clients about the law while listening to their individual desires.

We use the latest technology and cost-effective methods to provide services in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


Professional Profile:
Richard King has served the legal needs of southern and central Wisconsin since 1983. He listens to the needs of his clients so he can understand their objectives and inform their decisions. King Law Offices keeps in close contact with clients and provides experienced counsel in the practice areas of trust and estate planning, ethical wills, probate, real estate, and business organizations and transactions.