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Raul Delaheria

Raul  Delaheria

2100 Coral Way suite 500
Miami, FL, Florida 33145
United States

Telephone: (305) 858-2808 ?
Firm: Raul Delaheria & Associates
Practice Overview:
All 50 states have laws which require that all employers who have 4 or more part-time or full-time employees provide workers' compensation insurance. The foundation of Florida's workers' compensation law is that it is the exclusive remedy for wage loss, medical treatment and death benefits if the worker is injured on the job. Currently, the basic presumption of workers' compensation is that every job-related injury to a covered employee is to be handled through the compensation act, to the exclusion of all other remedies. The benefits to which an employee is entitled under the current laws in Florida are set out under Chapter 440 of the Florida statutes. These benefits are specifically defined and may include medical treatment, medication, physical therapy, and job retraining. The employer's insurance carrier makes the decision regarding your entitlement to any of these benefits. The ultimate settlement for job injuries is voluntary and will depend upon the extent of your injury, your wage loss, retraining issues and your medical prognosis.