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Paul Previte

Paul  Previte

6000 Western Pl
Ste 200
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
United States

Telephone: (817) 335-4357
Firm: The Law Office of Paul Previte
Practice Overview:
The Law Office of Paul Previte - "I Want YOUR Case Dismissed!"


Professional Profile:
The Law Office of Paul Previte is a Fort Worth, Texas-based Criminal Defense Attorney and Bail Bondsman. His experience, training, and certifications make all the difference in the world when you're on trial fighting for a "Not Guilty" verdict!

Paul Previte is the Chief Prosecutor for 16 Cities in North Texas. Paul handles every case personally, and is licensed to practice law all over Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania and New York! You'd be hard pressed to find an Attorney who is MORE qualified to handle YOUR case!

The Law Office of Paul Previte handles cases dealing with:

Criminal Law
Tort Law
Contract Law
Municipal Law
Real Estate Law
Family Violence
Assault Charges
Theft Crimes
Traffic Violations
Criminal Mischief
First Time Drug Offenses

The Law Office of Paul Previte knows when conditions are right to take the fight into the courtroom - And Paul's not afraid to fight! Once you share the explicit facts about your case with Paul, he will make determine a course of action that makes the most sense for your situation.

If you are looking for skill, knowledge, and power to represent you in the courtroom, all you have to say is "Help me, Paul!"

The Law Office of Paul Previte is available to take your calls anytime, or you can visit our official website for more details before calling our office!