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Patrick Wright

Patrick  Wright

Campbell Center II 8150 N. Central Expressway Suite 775
Dallas, Texas 75206
United States

Telephone: 972-353-4600
Firm: The Wright Firm, LLP
Practice Overview:
"The Wright Firm, LLP is a comprehensive legal solution for all of your legal needs.

FAMILY: We provide legal counsel in divorce, child support, child custody, and property division matters. While we have the skills to champion our clients in the courtroom, we find it best to give our clients options beyond litigation, so that we can tailor the proceedings to the intricacies of each specific case.

FREEDOM: A criminal allegation can have a devastating impact on all aspects of your life. Family, career, relationships, even health can all suffer. We understand that you need a defender during these dark moments in your life, someone to stand up for your rights.

BUSINESS: We represent business clients on a broad range of legal matters, from start up to wind down and everything in between. We negotiate business agreements for our clients and make sure those agreements become well-drafted contracts to help prevent future disputes.

FUTURE: The two great inevitabilities of life are death and taxes. In the face of these, we help our clients preserve their legacy and provide for their family. We will guide you through the estate planning process to protect your assets, with a careful eye always on the tax consequences of each decision."