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Michael M. Wilson

Michael M.  Wilson

1120 19th St NW #LL11 Washington, D.C. 20036-3642, 20036
United States

Telephone: (202) 223-4488
Facsimile: 1120 19th St NW #LL11 Washington, D.C.
Firm: The Law Offices of Michael M. Wilson, M.D
Practice Overview:
The law firm's principal malpractice attorney Michael Wilson is both an attorney and a physician, with legal and medical degrees from Georgetown University. Dr. Wilson is uniquely qualified to aggressively pursue Washington, D.C. and Baltimore medical malpractice claims for the benefit of his clients.

When generalized personal injury firms pursue Washington, D.C. and Maryland malpractice claims for their clients, they must rely on medical knowledge supplied by external experts. Dr. Wilson has the firsthand medical knowledge needed to address technical nuances that can be lost by attorneys who do not have direct medical experience and training. He also writes a medical malpractice blog as a service to the legal and medical communities of the Washington, D.C. area.