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Michael Byrne

Michael  Byrne

115 West 55th Street
Suite 400
Clarendon Hills, Illinois 60514
United States

Telephone: 630-654-8333
Firm: Michael T. Byrne Attorney at Law
Practice Overview:
Criminal Law, DWI, Drug Crimes, Felonies, Homicide, Sexual Assault, Traffic Violations, Probation Violations

Professional Profile:
Mike Byrne is highly experienced, personable and competitive with over 25 years of experience trying hundreds of criminal and traffic cases. Mike began as a public defender and quickly rose to the elite murder task force prior to entering private practice 20 years ago where he is highly respected by his peers, prosecutors, and judges. Mike has achieved the highest rating Matindale-Hubbell awards for legal ability when anonymously rated by other lawyers and judges.

every case whether it is a dui or murder requires preparation. Through subpoenas, filing motions and thoroughly investigating the case the defendant has the best chance to win or negotiate a case from a position of strength. I believe that once a case is fully prepared it is the lawyers job to honestly assess the risks going forward and the clients job to choose how to proceed. (bench trial, jury trial or plea)

On criminal and traffic cases personal representation is optimal. Having a client passed from associate to associate does clients a disservice. I personally represent all my clients, to insure that nothing falls between the cracks.