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Matthew Paul Krupnick

Matthew Paul Krupnick

883 North Douglas Street
El Segundo, California 90245
United States

Telephone: (310) 435-8552
Facsimile: (310) 640-0405
Firm: KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation
Practice Overview:
The California based law firm, KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation (the “Firm”) has established itself as a premier law firm throughout California and other states. Much of the Firm's success is attributable to the fact that it was created by and continues to be owned and operated by mother and son team Vivian G. Krupnick and Matthew P. Krupnick.

While both partners enjoyed successful and lucrative careers prior to opening KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation, they decided to join forces out of a sincere desire to provide top-notch professional legal services from attorneys who truly care about their clients. As the Firm has continued to grow and expand, the family owned and operated business has always kept its mission statement close to heart and continues to uphold its commitment to always strive to maintain its incredible record of client satisfaction and reputation for attorneys you can trust.

Frankly, at KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, the family atmosphere flows continuously from the partners and staff to each and every one of the Firm's clients. At the Firm, every member of the Firm takes their duties as each client's attorney very seriously and always goes far above and beyond what is required or expected of an attorney or law firm, and always exceed all clients' expectations with regard to what is required so that each client knows that the Firm always maintains the highest level of ethics and honesty with its clients, and will always fight vigorously for its clients throughout the entire legal process and even beyond. The Firm and its attorneys and amazing staff understand that each person's legal issues are very serious and often painful and devastating. That's why each client is treated as part of the KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK family, no matter how “large” or “small” a case may be.

Once you retain KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, you are part of the family, and you will instantly feel that you are in good hands throughout the entire legal process, regardless what that may be. In fact, as a client of KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, you will have constant access to attorneys, not just paralegals and legal assistants. Each client can always reach an attorney at the firm or at the least expect to hear from an attorney within hours of a request. The Firm goes so far as to give each client the attorneys' cell phone numbers and email addresses, both of which ensure constant access to the attorneys as well as the superb support staff carefully selected by the Firm to fit the Firm's culture of access, accountability and reliability in every regard.

Further, while honesty, loyalty, accountability and integrity are just several words that are often used to describe the Firm's atmosphere with regard to its clients, the Firm is also known for aggressively and skillfully fighting for each client for any righteous claim. The firm will fight aggressively, fearlessly, and work endlessly to obtain the best results for all of the Firm's clients. And, as is the case in many areas of life, actions speak louder than words. KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK is extremely proud of its amazing track record of obtaining successful resolutions for their clients while making sure their clients are fully informed and comfortable throughout the entire process. The Firm truly cares that each client is not only pleased with the final results of the case, but with the services provided by the Firm throughout the process. Perhaps that is why the Firm's list of happy clients continues to grow every day, and its' clients still feel like they have been treated like part of the family until the case is resolved, and even after it is resolved. Once you are part of the family, you will always feel welcome to call upon the Firm for any and all of your legal needs. And as you can see from the website, we have expanded to cover many areas of law. Please feel free to inquire any time for a free consultation.

At KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, you will have attorneys you can trust! In this day and age, sadly, its hard to find attorneys that you can truly trust, and trust implicitly, without ever having to question the fact that the Krupnick Firm is fighting for our clients and will always be honest and up front with each client. You will instantly feel a sense of comfort once you meet with one of the Firm's attorneys because trust is vital to a successful attorney-client relationship. You will quickly learn that the Firm values the trust it has and continues to establish with its clients and within the legal community more-so than it values anything else, including money. At KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, past and present clients have learned that the value of the Firm establishing and maintaining trust, respect and honor with clients and in the legal community at large is far more important than rushing a case through to obtain a quick settlement just to make a profit, or charging an hourly or contingency fee percentage that inevitably leaves a client walking away from the process feeling as though their attorneys were only interested in money. The Krupnick Law Firm has the skills, resources and courage to fight for every client's case as long as is necessary to achieve the best results for each client, whether that means taking the case to trial, or taking a settlement that our client is happy with.

If you have any questions or are in need of talented, aggressive and experienced attorneys that you can trust, please feel free to contact our office for a free, confidential consultation. Find out for yourself why others have made KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK the firm they turn to for all their legal needs. The Firm represents clients throughout California in legal matters including serious personal injury, medical and legal malpractice, employment law (wage/hour/overtime, discrimination, wrongful termination, etc.), litigation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution services, contract law (reviewing, creating and litigating contract disputes), family law, estate planning, discrimination and civil rights cases, government tort claims (both state and federal) and more. The consultation is free for any type of case and is strictly confidential (even if for you do not retain the Firm.).


Professional Profile:
Born and raised in Southern California, Matthew Krupnick has a history of helping people throughout the state of California. As a child and teenager, Mr. Krupnick engrossed himself in Martial Arts, achieving his Second Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do at the young age of 15 years old. After years of continuous Martial Arts training in various styles, and working as a Martial Arts Instructor teaching adults and children at various world-renowned Martial Arts Dojos, Mr. Krupnick moved from his home town, Westlake Village, to the Los Angeles area where he continues to live and work today.

Mr. Krupnick has taken the skills and knowledge he learned through his rigorous Martial Arts training and transformed them into unique and powerful skills as a litigator. Nowadays, Mr. Krupnick's "fights" only take place in a courtroom, not in a ring. However, much like with his opponents in Martial Arts, Mr. Krupnick maintains a high level of honor, dignity and respect with the others involved in the legal dispute, and especially with clients. Having said that, when fighting for clients, Mr. Krupnick has a clear, no-holds-barred approach to keep the pressure on the opposition, fight aggressively, skillfully and with one goal to acoomplish the best for each client while working within the ethics instilled in Mr. Krupnick by his partner, mentor and mother Vivian, and of course those imposed by the laws of California. Mr. Krupnick takes each case for each client very seriously, and fights each one as thought it were his ownly case, and will not back down, now matter who the other side is. Have faith in Mr. Krupnick, follow his counsel, and he will work so hard to get you what you want that you likely won't ever want someone else to fight your case for you. If the testimonials don't help show that, then perhaps an in-person meeting with him will help show you that he means business. And any case or client represented by the Krupnick Law Firm will quickly realize that they are in good hands and that they are with a firm that truly can be trusted, trusted to get amazing results, but trusted in the sense that we can almost guarantee (and we only amost guarantee because it is illegal and impossible to put these types of guarantees for clients).

Mr. Krupnick obtained the highly sought after Bachelor's Degree in Business with an emphasis and an option to specialize in Business Law (where Mr. Krupnick obtained an A in every single business or other legal class taken during undergraduate studies) at California State University, Northridge ("CSUN"). Some accomplishments that Mr. Krupnick achieved at CSUN included getting the highest grade in most business law or other legal classes he attended while pursuing his undergraduate degree at CSUN (such as a basic criminal legal class, business law, and others). In addition, Mr. Krupnick was the president of the Business Law and Legal Issues group while a student at CSUN. Mr. Krupnick continued his education at Pepperdine University School of Law, in Malibu, California where he took part in the world-renowned Alternative Dispute Resolution Program and earned his Juris Doctorate in 2004. At the age of 26, Mr. Krupnick passed the California State Bar Exam on his first attempt and then continued his career as a litigator and quickly established himself as a well-respected and honorable attorney within the legal community. Prior to opening his own law firm, Mr. Krupnick spent over 5 years working tirelessly as one of two lawyers in-house at a tremendously busy and successful litigation law firm. Mr. Krupnick was forced to learn the world of litigation on a fast track, but thankfully with the help of some great mentors. This tremendous experience is certainly part of the reason that Mr. Krupnick has become a well-respected litigator in a relatively short time


Mr. Krupnick’s career as an attorney has encompassed a wide range of litigation successes involving serious personal injury matters, malpractice, employment litigation, civil rights matters, and more. As managing partner and co-owner of KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation, Mr. Krupnick proudly represents a diverse clientele from various different communities with clients from all walks of life throughout California and other states.

Mr. Krupnick has litigated thousands of cases throughout California and has consistently advocated not only for the rights of his clients but also for the public’s right to be free from the abuses of the government and powerful private institutions. Mr. Krupnick also works with his clients to develop their understanding of viable alternatives to litigation, participating in hundreds of Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings with excellent results.

In addition, Mr. Krupnick has continuously stayed involved with and is constantly offering and in fact donated his time to a wide range of communty acitivities, and charitable and law-related organizations, including, but not limited to: Consumers Attorneys Association of Los Angeles ("C.A.A.L.A."), the American Bar Association, including subdivisions such as the Young Lawyer's Division, the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Lawyers Association, Lambda Legal and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Further, Mr. Krupnick regularly employs and mentors law and paralegal students to teach and prepare them for issues relating to litigation and the practice of law. Mr. Krupnick loves teaching what he has learned, both in informal settings and in formal teaching situations. For all of these accomplishments and more, Mr. Krupnick has been selected as a “Rising Star” in the popular legal magazine “Super Lawyers” in both 2009 and 2010 and as a "Top Young Lawyer in Southern California" in the Los Angeles Magazine for 2009 and 2010 as well.

Mr. Krupnick and his firm continue to provide exceptional legal services while maintaining the highest level of trust and satisfaction between the Firm and its clients. The firm prides itself on proving exceptional legal service, while maintaining the Firm moto: "At KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation, you can rest assured that you will have ATTORNEYS YOU CAN TRUST!"

For more information about Mr. Krupnick or KRUPNICK & KRUPNICK, A Professional Law Corporation, please feel free to contact the firm at any time.

UndergraduateCalifornia State University, NorthridgeBachelor of Science in Business Administration2001
LawPepperdine University School of LawJuris Doctorate2004

Affiliations & Memberships:
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (aka "CAALA"); California Employment Litigation Association (aka "CELA"); American Bar Association, the Footprinters, CAMP Mediation Services (non-profit organization that provides top quality mediators at no charge to various courts in Southern California)

Litigation, Learning, Teaching, Martial Arts, Music (especially guitar), spending time with my amazing family and friends.