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Mandy Leigh

Mandy  Leigh

870 Market St Suite 1161
San Francisco, California 94102
United States

Telephone: 415-399-9155
Facsimile: 415-399-9608
Firm: Leigh Law Group
Practice Overview:
Leigh Law Group specializes in the following areas:

•Special Education on behalf of parents and children representing all 13 categories of eligibility at IEP meetings, due process and mediation, including but not limited to, autism, ADD, ADHD, learning disabled, other health impaired, emotional disturbance, visual and hearing impairment, speech or language impairment, mental retardation and multiple disabilities

•General Education matters

•Higher Education matters

•Wrongful termination in public and private sector

•Disability Discrimination

•Civil Litigation

•Expulsion and Suspension Proceedings

•Truancy or SARB proceedings



•Obtain Social Security Benefits and Appeals of Denials

•IHSS - In Home Support Services

•Regional Center Services Adults and Children

•Regional Center Fair Hearings



•School Issues

•State Court Litigation

•Federal Court Litigation


Professional Profile:
Mandy Leigh, Esq., Masters in Education Law (MEL)
E-Mail: mleigh@leighlawgroup.com

Public Employees:
As an attorney advocate on behalf of public school teachers and non-certificated
staff, Mandy represents educators in all areas as it pertains to their employment.
During several of the reduction in force hearings, Mandy’s skills have been
instrumental in the rescission of several teacher layoff notices. She also has experience in representing teachers who have received nonreelection notices. Mandy has worked with educators in and outside of the union context including representing clients in cases involving retaliation claims, collective bargaining issues, retirement issues, wrongful termination claims and disability discrimination claims. Mandy continues to represent teachers, paraprofessionals and other regularly assigned special education staff who attempt to bring special education claims against school districts or non-public agencies on behalf of their students.

Private Employees:
As an advisor and counselor, Mandy assists individuals navigate through the maze of laws that impact them in the workplace. Mandy’s skills are most notable in assisting clients determine whether their rights have been violated due to discrimination, at-will and contractual employment issue and wrongful termination. She has assisted clients in negotiating settlements due to unlawful conduct in the private workplace and has provided guidance to clients on the best solutions for negotiating severance packages.

Special Education and Education Law:
In the area of special education representation on behalf of children, Mandy worked as an investigator for the New Hampshire State Department of Education SpecialEducation Bureau investigating violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. As an investigator, Mandy produced written detailed findings of fact and law to the New Hampshire State Department of Education used to determine what remedy, if any, would be available to the parent whose child was the subject of a school district’s failure to follow state or federal special education laws. Though her clients appreciate that she uses her strong negotiating skills to facilitate informal resolution, Mandy’s experience is equally effective during the resolution process, mediation process, filing complaints with the State Department of Education and litigation before the Office of Administrative Hearings and federal court.Mandy also works on behalf of individuals impacted in institutions of higher education and with general education k-12 issues such as expulsion, CIF sports appeals and discrimination

UndergraduateUniversity of FloridaB.S., Telecommunication1993
LawFranklin Pierce Law SchoolMasters of Education Law2003
OtherNova SoutheasternUniversity’s Shepard Broad Law Center2002