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Katie Monk

Katie  Monk

1 S. Pinckey Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
United States

Telephone: (608) 250-3500
Firm: Chirafisi & Verhoff S.C.
Practice Overview:
"Attorney Corey Chirafisi and Attorney Timothy Verhoff are both former prosecutors. As such, they have a unique perspective into how the other side thinks about prosecuting cases. Attorney Chirafisi served as an Assistant District Attorney in Kenosha County before entering private practice. Attorney Verhoff served as the Deputy District Attorney in Dane County, essentially second in command, for a decade before becoming partners with Attorney Chriafisi. Their experience in prosecuting a wide variety of crimes, including OWI offenses, brings a unique perspective that benefits all of our clients. Our attorneys understand why prosecutors charge, try, and settle cases. They have great insight into prosecution strategies, actions and concerns; our attorneys will use all of these throughout every phase of your case, from trial to settlement negotiations.