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John-Paul Lyle

John-Paul  Lyle

513 S. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
United States

Telephone: 719-473-3780
Firm: Law Office of John-Paul Lyle
Practice Overview:
The Colorado Springs Law Office of John-Paul Lyle provides experienced and effective legal assistance in all areas of Colorado family law.

Mr. Lyle’s steady and reassuring counsel will guide you through the emotional dynamics present in most Colorado Springs family law proceedings and provide legal closure to your family law matter.


Professional Profile:
Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

Mr. Lyle is a Colorado family law attorney who built his law practice successfully representing wives, husbands and grandparents involved in family law proceedings in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, tirelessly negotiating and litigating to protect his clients’ best interests in Colorado family law issues.

As an attorney with more than 23 years of experience as a family lawyer, Mr. Lyle will be able to resolve most disputes by effectively communicating, mediating, and negotiating with the opposing party on your behalf. However, some family law cases simply cannot be resolved outside of a courtroom. Should your family law case end up before a judge, Mr. Lyle’s experience at trial as a former prosecutor and defense attorney will ensure that your best interests are aggressively and zealously advocated.

LawBaylor School of LawJ.D.1992

Affiliations & Memberships:
Colorado Bar Association