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John Gehlhausen

John  Gehlhausen

200 S 5th St
Lamar, Colorado 81052
United States

Telephone: (719) 336-9071
Firm: John Gehlhausen
Practice Overview:
John Gehlhausen has spent a significant portion of his career as an attorney fighting for the rights of individuals injured in riding lawn mower accidents. Over the course of several decades, he has become an outspoken critic of the manufacturers of these potentially deadly machines and a steadfast advocate for the adoption of standardized safety devices on all types of riding mowers. Manufacturers' lax concern for consumer safety as demonstrated by their continued negligence in failing to equip their machines with the proper safety features has undoubtedly contributed to the increasing numbers of riding lawn mower back-over and rollover injuries and wrongful deaths. For this reason, Mr. Gehlhausen is committed to increasing awareness of the importance of riding lawn mower safety and protecting accident victims' rights. A lawyer of immeasurable skill and integrity, John Gehlhausen is committed to helping victims obtain the compensation they deserve.


Professional Profile:
In his many years as a trial attorney, riding lawn mower accident lawyer John Gehlhausen has seen how many of the injuries and deaths caused by these machines could have been avoided with the simple addition of inexpensive safety devices such as rollover protections systems (ROPS) or no-mow-in-reverse switches.

Victims of serious riding lawn mower accidents can suffer life-altering injuries that often drain the financial and emotional reserves of families. Mr. Gehlhausen believes that manufacturers should be responsible and recognize the danger these machines pose, and they should act accordingly by equipping their products with the economical, standard safety devices that have been demonstrated to dramatically prevent these catastrophic injuries. In truth, manufacturers are far from admitting any fault for these continuing injuries. As a result, lawyer John Gehlhausen must continue to pursue justice for victims in the courts.

With the financial and professional resources needed to effectively litigate riding lawn mower accident claims, Mr. Gehlhausen is both willing and well equipped to go head to head with the manufacturing giants whose negligence continues to lead to unnecessary injury and death.