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Jeffrey S. Mitchell

Jeffrey S. Mitchell

SAN FRANCISCO, California 94104
United States

Telephone: 415-769-3400
Firm: Mitchell Law Group
Practice Overview:
Mitchell Law Group is a premier law firm in San Francisco that represents clients throughout the Bay Area and California in medical malpractice claims. We handle claims involving catastrophic, life-altering injuries and fatalities. Our medical malpractice lawyers and staff have the ability to undertake the most complex claims and are uniquely qualified to represent victims of medical negligence. We use a unique methodology in developing creative legal strategies and have a broad network of resources and tools we can utilize to reach an effective outcome in your case.

Recently, our law firm obtained the largest jury verdict in Fresno County history. A jury awarded our clients $68 million in damages for failure to comply with hospital patient safety standards, which left an elderly patient in a permanent coma.

Professional Profile:
We are the Bay Area’s only firm that is exclusively dedicated to the area of medical malpractice. While some attorneys will not even consider handling medical malpractice, we focus all our efforts toward advocating for victims. Why? We believe that people who have been hurt or have lost a loved one as the result of a medical professional’s negligent actions deserve to have someone on their side. Our San Francisco medical malpractice team hits the ground running and works to achieve the best possible result.

Our Respected And Recognized Attorney — Jeffrey S. Mitchell

Principal attorney Jeffrey S. Mitchell is a former defense attorney, giving him invaluable insight into handling claims where he represents the person who has been harmed. Having dedicated his entire legal career to medical malpractice cases, he has earned the nickname of the “ultimate insider.” He is well respected by defense attorneys and has established professional relationships with insurers and others involved in medical malpractice cases.