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Jeff Randa

Jeff  Randa

75 N Main St. Suite 205
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043
United States

Telephone: (586) 465-1980
Firm: Jeffrey J. Randa, DUI Defense Lawyer
Practice Overview:
Over 20 years experience helping good people out of bad situations. I am involved in the post-graduate, University level study of the diagnosis and recovery from alcohol and drug issues, meaning I can provide more real benefit in a DUI case than anyone, and can use my expert knowledge to frame the story of a person’s Recovery in a License Appeal case, allowing me to guarantee a win. Criminal, DUI and License Appeal cases are judged by the results, and I produce the very best, period.


Professional Profile:
DUI Lawyer with 20 years experience keeping Clients out of Jail and avoiding the negative fallout of an instance of bad judgment.