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Janice Downey

Janice Downey

103 Johnson Street
Windsor, California 95492
United States

Telephone: (707) 836-1398
Facsimile: (707) 836-7581
Firm: The Law Office of Janice Downey
Practice Overview:
Family law matters are as unique as the individuals facing them. A divorce or child custody matter can be a traumatic and emotional event for all parties involved. There may be complicated legal issues that could affect your rights and responsibilities as a spouse, a parent or a property owner.

Janice Downey provides sensitive, responsive and knowledgeable counsel to anyone facing a family law matter. If your case cannot be resolved through a negotiated settlement, we are prepared to aggressively represent your case before the court.

We will assist you with your decision as to which services you need and develop a cost-efficient legal strategy. There are some cases that really need full service representation. If yours is such a case, we will tell you that up front. Conversely, we also offer "unbundled services." If you only need advice or assistance with document preparation we will offer you that option as well. Unbundled services are billable at an hourly rate.