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Jan Walden

Jan  Walden

115 28th Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
United States

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In our country over half of first marriages and a greater number of second marriages end in divorce. What happens between marriage and divorce? The answer to that question is as varied as the couples who marry. If couples are unwilling or unable to continue the marital relationship, the process of ending the relationship should not be more painful than the marriage itself. Divorce can be emotionally and financially devastating to families and can have negative effects on family members lasting far into the future. Mediation is a safe, private, cost effective process. The parties commit to reaching an outcome that is as fair as possible to the whole family. They are able to explore financial options and focus on the future care and support of their children in a problem-solving environment. Parents are able to learn to relate in a different way so they can successfully parent their children after the divorce. There is A BETTER WAY...MEDIATION! For more information visit us at http://www.janwalden.com/