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James E. Hardy

James E. Hardy

341-C Dahlonega Street
Georgia 30040
United States

Telephone: (770) 886-1996
Facsimile: (770) 886-1997
Firm: James E. Hardy, II, P.C.
Practice Overview:
James E. Hardy, II is a life-long resident of Georgia. His father had a successful law practice for fifty-three years prior to his passing in 2003. Despite his "legal DNA", Jim pursued a career as an educator and coach combined with serving his country in the Unites States Marine Corp before making an independent decision to attend Law School.

Mr. Hardy earned his BBA in Management from the University of Georgia, where he also worked towards his Masters in Education. Mr. Hardy is a 1986 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Woodrow Wilson College of Law, where he was member of the Law Review. After his Juris Doctorate degree in Law, Mr. Hardy earned his LLM in Litigation in 1987.

After being mentored by his late father and Donald W. Gettle, Esquire for two years, Mr. Hardy moved to Cumming, Georgia to open his own law practice where he specialized in civil, criminal, and juvenile litigation. As time went on, Mr. Hardy's love of constitutional law, the preservation of our constitutional rights, and the desire to make a differrence in the lives of youthful offenders, narrowed his law practice to criminal and juvenile defense.


Professional Profile:
Mr. Hardy and his family share a strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and seek his blessing and favor in every aspect of their lives and the lives of each and every client.

In addition to his competitive shooting career, Mr. Hardy enjoys quite moments fishing on the family pond and observing the abundant wildlife that frequents the surroundings.

Despite all his activities, Mr. Hardy's most enjoyable moments and "fun" times are spent making sweet memories with his wife and dogs.