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Harold Wright

Harold  Wright

1310 Leighton Avenue
Anniston, Alabama 36207
United States

Telephone: 2562376611
Practice Overview:
Our core commitment is to each individual client from the beginning of the legal process to its conclusion. You can trust our experienced attorneys to provide you with the best legal representation possible. We work with our clients, keeping them informed of the steps throughout the legal process and where in the process they will need to be the most involved. You will not be an inactive information provider, but active and aware in the legal process.

If this is your first time being involved in a legal process, our many years of experience will reassure you that your legal matters will be handled privately with the greatest confidentiality possible. The cost to you will be far less than you expected but we approach all clients with the same priority and importance, regardless of the nature of the situation.
In many cases, consulting with our experienced staff will prevent a small legal problem from becoming an expensive court case. We encourage you to become proactive in seeking legal counsel to minimize the possibility of small legal winds becoming unpredictable storms.

Sometimes the solution to a problem does not require a legal solution, only an intermediary to hear both sides where an uninvolved third party can make recommendations as to the best solution. In this sense, the function of a law firm has changed to provide out of court solutions rather than expensive in-court litigation. We prefer going down this road since in most cases it is less expensive for the client and takes less time to resolve the matter.
We are committed to the client’s satisfaction and resolution to any legal problem. There are some unique features in Alabama law, and we urge you to give us a call to be sure you are aware of your legal options, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant.