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Gould & Hahn

Gould  & Hahn

2550 9th St #101
Berkeley, California 94710
United States

Telephone: (510) 665-1800
Firm: Gould And Hahn
Practice Overview:
The Law Offices of Gould & Hahn specialize in Administrative Law, Real Estate Law, and proper Business Formation Law. Give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for you. If you are under scrutiny or your professional license is at risk we can help! We have helped several professionals keep their licenses and we are always here to help.


Professional Profile:
Gould & Hahn has been providing business law, business formation law, and real estate law advice for over 25 years and running. Practicing out of Berkeley, California, Gould & Hahn has made themselves accessible to all residents of Northern California and more. Our law professionals have an amazing track record when it comes to preventing licensed professionals from losing their hard earned accreditations. Our real estate law professionals assist in the prevention of real estate delays and litigation red tape that may come with buying or selling a property. We are here to make your real estate process simple and easy to handle and if you have a legal obstacle to overcome consult with one of our professionals today for more information. DSS Licensees: You must maintain care of your facility while your business and land is being sold or the new licensee is being certified if they are not already.