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Eric A. Stovall

Eric A. Stovall

200 Ridge Street, Suite 222
Reno, Nevada 89501
United States

Telephone: (775) 337-1444
Firm: Eric A. Stovall, Ltd.
Practice Overview:
Those who turn to surrogacy or adoption as a means of having a child all have a common end goal: they want their family to grow and need help to make that happen. Over two decades ago, Reno attorney Eric A. Stovall saw an overwhelming demand for a knowledgeable adoption and surrogacy lawyer in Nevada. He then decided that he could fill this void within the legal community.

Twenty-two years later, attorney Eric Stovall has assisted with over 1,500 successful surrogacies and adoptions for his clients. During that time, Nevada surrogacy laws evolved, making the state one the most progressive in the country, providing protection to surrogates and intended parents. Medical technology also evolved, allowing for more certainty in a surrogate pregnancy. As a result of these legal and scientific advances, more parents are looking to surrogacy in Nevada as a means to expand their families. Eric Stovall’s experience make him remarkably qualified to provide strong legal support to those families during the process of surrogacy or adoption.