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Edward E Wallace

Edward E Wallace

16133 Ventura Blvd Penthouse Suite A
Encino, California 91436
United States

Telephone: 877-282-4432
Firm: Edward E. Wallace Law Firm
Practice Overview:
Results and experience are what sets us apart from other law firms.

At the office of Edward E. Wallace, ESQ., we bring 30 years of experience to every case and will provide you with the best legal service that you deserve.


Professional Profile:
The following is a sample of cases that Edward E. Wallace has handled:

Tosco v. New Hampshire | $5,000,000 Represented Tosco Corporation against New Hampshire Ins. Company in a bad faith action for failure to provide defense or indemnity for a products liability claim.
Doe v. Doe Oil Company | $2,500,000; A major oil company exercised an option to terminate a multi-year contract after only nine months and was sued for fraud and breach of contract. Doe v. Doe Financial Institution | $ 1,000,000; An executive was fired after many years of excellent performance and filed a wrongful termination action.
Doe v. Doe Attorney | $1,000,000; A client that settled a wrongful termination claim for more than $1,000,000 sued a prior counsel for malpractice in failing to make appropriate government claims which would have allowed an even greater recovery in the underlying action.
Unocal v. Doe | $800,000; The owner of a service station brought an action for negligence and products liability arising from the puncture of an underground storage tank resulting in extensive soil contamination.
And more can be found on our website. www.edwardwallacelaw.com

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