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Cindy Castillo

Cindy  Castillo

2025 N 3rd St. Ste. 150, AZ 85004
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
United States

Telephone: 480-206-5204
Firm: Castillo Law
Practice Overview:
Hiring an experienced defense attorney is the most important thing one must do when facing criminal charges. At Castillo Law, we will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case and ensure your rights are protected. It is often difficult for people to understand the seriousness of the charges against them and to navigate their way through the court system on their own. Frequently, prosecutors and the chilling courtroom experience will intimidate defendants and convince them to enter into plea agreements without any investigation into the facts of the case. This is why it is so important to have a defense attorney who is not only experienced, but also genuinely cares about the outcome of each case.

Castillo Law is fully dedicated to treating each client as family. Together, the staff at Castillo Law brings over 30 years of experience and dedication to each case. As such, clients will receive a much different experience than those represented by the large and aggressively advertised firms in Arizona. Castillo Law is a boutique law firm with a small, experienced, and close-knit staff. Your case will be thoroughly examined and defended and you will always be treated with respect and dignity.

We represent clients throughout Arizona including Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Glendale, Goodyear and across the State of Arizona. Our practice areas include: DUI; assault; aggravated assault; domestic violence offenses; resisting arrest; shoplifting; theft; burglary; trespass; theft of means of transportation; unlawful use of means of transportation; white collar crimes including forgery, fraud, internet crimes/credit card crimes; false reporting to law enforcement; all drug charges including possession of marijuana, possession of narcotic drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, sale and transportation of dangerous drugs, sale and transportation of marijuana and sale and transportation of narcotic drugs; all gun related crimes including unlawful discharge of a firearm, disorderly conduct with a weapon, and drive by shooting; assisting in a criminal syndicate; homicide; prostitution and solicitation of prostitution; sex crimes; probation violations; set asides; and appeals and Rule 32 Post-Conviction Relief Petitions.


Professional Profile:
Cindy Castillo is a board certified criminal law specialist by the State Bar of Arizona. She has litigated criminal matters ranging from misdemeanors to felonies including first degree murder, manslaughter and complex designated cases, throughout Arizona. She has represented clients in juvenile court, misdemeanor and superior courts, federal court, forfeiture proceedings, administrative board hearings, MVD hearings, Rule 11 competency hearings, Simpson hearings and appellate courts. She has successfully represented numerous professionals governed by licensing authorities that include board members of publicly traded entities, doctors, dentists, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, realtors, appraisers, airline pilots, commercial truck drivers, actors as well as professional athletes in criminal matters.

She has handled over 1000 criminal cases, of which over 100 were tried to a jury. Of those cases, she has had numerous trial victories including driving under the influence (DUI); extreme DUI; DUI Drugs, minor driving under the influence; reckless driving; assaults; aggravated assaults; resisting arrest, shoplifting; trespass; false reporting to law enforcement; possession, sale, and transportation of dangerous drugs, marijuana, and narcotics; drive by shooting; assisting a criminal syndicate; misconduct involving weaons; and vehicular manslaughter. She has successfully negotiated hundreds of lesser included offenses on behalf of her clients and obtained mitigated sentences through the use of mitigation experts, mitigation videos, and psychological and medical experts. She has also argued motions and obtained dismissals on behalf of her clients for a wide range of constitutional violations that include the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Finally, she has had a wide range of appellate success including dismissals of lower court rulings and a remand for a new hearing in a Special Action with the Court of Appeals.

UndergraduateUniversity of North Carolina, GreensboroBS1999
LawSandra Day O'Connor College of Law - ASUJD2003

Affiliations & Memberships:
AZ State Bar