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Britton Morrell

Britton  Morrell

44 Cook St #100
Denver, Colorado 80206
United States

Telephone: (866) 356-9898
Firm: Kaplan Morrell
Practice Overview:
We are Denver Workers Compensation Attorneys, Denver Disability Attorneys, and Denver Immigration Attorneys working hard to get you the benefits and rights you deserve.

Kaplan Morrell has a fifteen-year history of helping injured and disabled workers obtain the rights and benefits they are due under the workers compensation, social security disability, and employment laws of Colorado and the United States.


Professional Profile:
In 1997, a year and half out of law school, Britton Morrell took the extraordinary step of starting his own firm, The Morrell Law Office, dedicated to helping his clients understand the system, make informed decisions about their options, and to use technology to do more, faster, better, and less expensive than any other law firm in the Nation.

In 2003 when over thirty employees of the largest meat producer in the world lost their jobs because of their restrictions from work injuries, twenty-six of them came to the firm to sue in Federal Court for Disability Discrimination. Alone, with one paralegal, the Mr. Morrell took half a million documents dumped on his office, scanned them into the computer, and data-mined the pages into a searchable database. The result was that Mr. Morrell could determine in seconds what open jobs existed within his clients’ restrictions that the company failed to consider placing his clients. In an extraordinary legal victory, all twenty-six of his clients survived the defendant’s motion for summary judgment.

Affiliations & Memberships:
He served with the United States Naval Reserve from 1990 to 1998. During his service he received the NLORA Outstanding Recruit Award out of a Naval Recruit Class of 550, and a Top Secret Security Clearance during his placement with CINCUSNAVEUR in London, England, the Naval Unit tasked with logistics and readiness for all US Naval Forces in Europe and the Middle East.

In addition to being a frequent annual speaker and lecturer on Workers’ Compensation issues with the Continuing Legal Education Program, he has served as an Adjunct Professor with the University of Northern Colorado teaching Legal Reasoning, and Legal Research & Writing in 2001 and 2006, and Constitutional Law every year since 2006.

Outside of work, Mr. Morrell enjoys travelling with his five children. He loves photography, filmmaking, puzzles and trying to write the great American Novel that he is confident resides within him.