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Brian McCallister

Brian  McCallister

917 W. 43rd St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
United States

Telephone: 816-931-2229
Firm: The McCallister Law Firm
Practice Overview:
Personal Injury, Accident, Wrongful Death

Professional Profile:
The McCallister Law Firm, we take justice personally. Very personally. When we see people suffering from tragedy due to the negligence of others, it makes our blood boil. When you hurt, we hurt. So when we take on a case, we aren’t just out to win a lot of money. We want to make sure your voice is heard and justice is served. No matter how big and powerful your adversary may be, we have the experience and skills needed to stand up to them and hold them accountable. Since 1996, our attorneys have earned the reputation of being aggressive advocates for our clients with proven litigation and negotiation experience in cases involving serious injury and death, tractor-trailer accidents, personal injury, civil rights, medical malpractice, product liability, criminal defense, and others.