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Anthony Michael Blalock

Anthony Michael Blalock

4040 Civic Center Drive
suite 290
San Rafael, California 94531
United States

Telephone: 8885509815
Facsimile: 8885509815
Firm: Blalock & Associates
Practice Overview:
We understand that you may have been arrested for Driving under the Influence, which today, can be a highly technical area of the law having very serious consequences to those charged.

We have posted this website because we have become aware that although many people have worked with personal or business attorneys, few are familiar with attorneys whose expertise lies in this area of the law. Mr. Blalock has extensive experience and specialized training in the defense of these cases, including training by the National College for DUI Defense at Harvard Law School.

We can offer our assistance and expertise in advising and assisting you, as you deal with this matter. We find that many arrested suffer consequences needlessly (such as the loss of their driver license privileges) because of their, or a non-specialist attorneys unfamiliarity in this area.


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Associations & Memberships:
California State Bar

California DUI Lawyers Association

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Contra Costa County Bar Association

Marin County Bar Association

Solano County Bar Association