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Aaron Black

Aaron  Black

Law Office of Aaron M. Black, PLLC., 4500 N. 32nd Street Suite 109, Phoenix, Arizona 85018, USA
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
United States

Telephone: +1-480-729-1683
Firm: Law Office of Aaron M. Black
Practice Overview:
The penalties for Aggravated DUI in Arizona are some of the harshest in the country and are more severe than those of misdemeanor DUI charges.
The Law Office of Aaron Black focuses exclusively on DUI defense in all Arizona federal, state and city courts and many of Aaron's DUI defense cases result in dismissals, not guilty verdicts, no jail time, or substantially reduced charges.
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Professional Profile:
The Law Office of Aaron Black has extensive experience defending those charged with Aggravated DUI and other vehicular crimes in Scottsdale, Arizona.