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Thomas J. Moverman

Thomas J. Moverman

40 Fulton Street
New York, New York 10038
United States

Telephone: (212) 285-3300
Firm: Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C.
Practice Overview:
The Lipsig Law Firm has represented thousands of injured people over the years. In fact, the only type of law we practice is personal injury.

New York

Professional Profile:
Tom Moverman established the firm with Harry Lipsig and his partners in 1989; he specializes in products liability and other complex cases. His cases involve defective machinery, household and workplace products, motor vehicles and toxic drugs and chemicals. He actively represents construction workers who are injured by unsafe working conditions or equipment. Right after he started working for Harry Lipsig, he won several large verdicts against product manufacturers and was invited to write for a Products Liability Law text book.

His clients included the families of three women fatally burned by fuel from a gasoline tanker and a factory worker who lost his leg due to a defectively designed forklift. He presented computerized views of these incidents to explain the cases to the juries at trial.

He obtained one of the largest New York State courts libel verdicts, $6 million, for the victim of a crime who was wrongfully accused of “faking it”. One of his clients suffered a lower leg amputation when a drunk driver struck a parked car that then hit his client. The lawsuit we filed against the bar that served the driver alcoholic drinks involved scientific evidence of blood alcohol levels, the use of a “bartending instructor” as our expert witness and resulted in a significant settlement.

His clients include a group of workers who were lead poisoned during the re-construction of the 59th Street Bridge, an auto mechanic crushed when an automotive lift collapsed and the victim of a defectively-mounted slot machine stool who suffered a broken neck and then died. In a federal court action, he obtained a settlement for the family of a mechanic fatally injured while working to fix a machine that puts empty soda cans on wooden pallets.

“My client’s lives and families are the most important aspect of what I do. I hope the lawsuits that I bring and the results I obtain will allow them to try to restore themselves both physically and personally. Most of these actions help to make our environment and the workplace safer so that others will not have to endure these painful losses.”

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