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The Law Offices of KARA S. HOLTZ

The Law Offices of KARA S. HOLTZ

54 Mark Drive
San Rafael, California 94903
United States

Telephone: (415) 785-4129
Firm: The Law Offices of KARA S. HOLTZ
Practice Overview:
A family law practice committed to resolving your personal and business affairs.


Professional Profile:
The California attorneys at the Law Offices of Kara S Holtz are Certified Family Law Experts. We specialize only in family law, as we believe it is not the structure of a family but rather the quality of relationships within it that are most important. We assess our client’s situation realistically, while being careful to present options that help them make clear decisions based on facts when involved in a divorce and the division of assests, child custody and child support, domestic violence or other family legal affairs. There are many tools and options available to assist in making seamless transitions as a family changes shape. It is our goal to tailor those solutions to fit our client’s needs. We work diligently to facilitate constructive, efficient and effective change for everyone involved.