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Plouff Law

Plouff Law

1046 W Kinzie St
Ste #300
Chicago, Illinois 60642
United States

Telephone: (312) 637-9141
Firm: Plouff Law
Practice Overview:
Few Medical Malpractice Attorneys have done more for their clients than Tom Plouff.

Professional Profile:
Throughout his 20 year career (which includes 16 years at Chicago's Plouff Law Offices, P.C.) he has overseen hundreds of prominent and groundbreaking cases. His work has been instrumental in helping bring the reality of medical malpractice--and the plight of those affected by it--to the public's attention.Since its inception, Plouff Law Offices has won its clients millions of dollars-- ettlements that have enabled them to pay off exorbitant medical bills, recover income lost through injuries, and continue to support their families. The firm's areas of expertise include--but are by no means limited to--nursing home abuse and neglect, product liability, motor vehicle accidents, and wrongful death suits. Some of Plouff's most widely publicized cases include Spiegelman vs Victory Memorial Hospital, in which the client was awarded $11.1 million after doctors failed to diagnose what turned out to be a severe and debilitating case of bacterial meningitis. Another prominent victory was M.V. vs Rouse-Randhurst, a "construction negligence" verdict that--at $5.36 million--represented a record high for a slip-and-fall case in the state of Illinois.