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Perdue & Kidd, LLP

Perdue & Kidd, LLP

510 Bering Drive
Suite 550
Houston, Texas 77057
United States

Telephone: 713-520-2500
Firm: Perdue & Kidd, LLP
Practice Overview:
At Perdue & Kidd, LLP, our attorneys understand the impact that serious injury or illness can have, not only on the life of the victim, but also on the lives of his or her loved ones.


Professional Profile:
At Perdue & Kidd, LLP, we understand the needs of our clients. Our clients often come to us when they are facing difficult issues. The difficulty of their situation is often exacerbated by the emotional impact associated with being injured or seeing a loved one injured. Serious injuries create uncertainty and anxiety about the future, about the ability to return to work and about the ability to return to the life you had before your accident.