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Pavel Kleyner

Pavel  Kleyner

600 108th Ave NE #650
Seattle, Washington 98004
United States

Telephone: (855) 858-0853
Firm: Kleyner Law Offices
Practice Overview:
Unlike most law firms that are dealing with the DUI cases, a truly perceptive as well as genuinely experienced law firm such as Kleyner Law Offices will be concentrating on discovering new and more efficient methods to deal with the government’s collection of scientific evidence. Our attorneys attend legal and scientific seminars on regular basis, take part in training and seminars that review the very best way to beat the government’s scientific evidence. In addition, our legal professionals will perform additional legal and scientific research through government and non-government sources for articles and publications. Such sources would include Washington State Patrol toxicology labs as well law enforcement instruction manuals.


Professional Profile:
If you are arrested for DUI, there is a lot on the line for you. Getting in touch with a professional law firm will increase your chances to get a better case outcome and will help you understand your legal rights as well as possible defense strategies. An experience DUI attorney in Seattle will be fully prepared to represent you during every single step of the DUI proceedings and will be there during the arraignment, the pretrial process, at the administrative DOL hearing and at criminal trial. He will also help you in negotiating a better plea deal and resolving your case in a timely manner.