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Ortiz Law Firm

Ortiz Law Firm

Pensacola, Florida 32501
United States

Telephone: 8503087833
Firm: Ortiz Law Firm
Practice Overview:
Ortiz Law Firm handles personal injury claims, long-term and short-term disability claims, ERISA claims, and Social Security Disability claims. Our law firm’s mission is to provide the highest level of legal representation possible to disability claimants and to the family members and victims of personal injury and wrongful death through our diligence, perseverance, accessibility, experience, skilled advocacy and superior knowledge.

Our goals are (1) to develop meaningful and productive relationships with our clients based on integrity, mutual respect and concern for their individual needs and circumstances, and (2) to achieve the best possible outcome in each client’s individual and unique case.

At Ortiz Law Firm, we maintain the philosophy that each client’s case is the most important case, and that each client is entitled our very best work.