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Michael J. Upton, Attorney at Law

Michael J. Upton, Attorney at Law

410 20th Avenue
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
United States

Telephone: 205-799-3800
Firm: Michael J. Upton, Attorney at Law
Practice Overview:

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Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Lawyer for over 24 Years in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, specializing in defending University of Alabama Students in Tuscaloosa Municipal Court and Tuscaloosa County District Court.
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Professional Profile:
With 25 years of experience in Tuscaloosa representing those injured in auto accidents and those accused of breaking the law, I have handled thousands of cases in every local court and many other courts around the state.

I am a courtroom lawyer.

What this means is very simple: I do my best work when your life and livlihood are on the line in Court. Whether it's a murder case, or injuries or death of a loved one as a result of an accident, you want someone that will stand in the courtroom with no fear, and fight for you, even when nobody else is on your side.

My experience includes representation in over 20 capital murder cases, none of which have resulted in a capital murder conviction. I have represented clients in every type of felony charge, ranging from murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, robbery, theft and burglary to less serious felonies (including all drug offenses) all misdemeanors, all alcohol offenses, specifically 'Driving Under the Influence', 'Public Intoxication', 'Open Container', 'Improper I.D.' and 'Minor in Possession of Alcohol'. I also represent those whose Driving Privileges have been suspended or revoked (Driver License Suspension) by the Department of Public Safety. Under a new law, I can also help to 'expunge' (clear) your arrest record.

Regardless of the nature of the charge, nobody should go to court alone, and those accused should only hire an attorney that specializes in criminal defense.

My approach is straightforward: if you are accused of a crime, it is only that…an accusation. Based on our constitution, the law presumes that you are innocent. It is the government's burden to prove someone guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. This 'burden of proof' is the same in every case, whether the charge is capital murder or public intoxication.

Simply put, my job is to make sure your constitutional rights are protected, regardless of the accusation, and to do my very best to make sure you get a good result.

UndergraduateUniversity of AlabamaB.S. in Education1989
LawUniversity of Alabama School of LawJ.D.1992