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Meshbesher & Associates, P.A.

Meshbesher &  Associates, P.A.

10 S. Fifth St., Suite 225
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
United States

Telephone: (612) 200-1526
Firm: Meshbesher & Associates, P.A.
Practice Overview:
Meshbesher & Associates proudly handles criminal defense, personal injury, and civil rights cases in the Minneapolis area. The firm’s thorough and experienced attorneys understand how complex and intimidating these legal issues can be, and will work with you to understand your situation and develop customized approaches to every unique case. Meshbesher & Associates has decades of experience defending the rights of injury victims, people charged with criminal offenses, and those whose civil rights have been violated by police or other law enforcement officials. They work tirelessly to provide justice for you and your family, with a strong focus on obtaining positive results. You can count on Meshbesher & Associates to simultaneously provide compassionate care and aggressive defense strategies. Get started today with a free, no-obligation consultation.