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Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring

Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring

1900 West Park Drive
Suite #280
Westborough, Massachusetts 01581
United States

Telephone: (508) 898-1835
Firm: Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring
Practice Overview:
It's never too early- it's only too late

Professional Profile:
Estate Planning and Elder Law firm located in Westborough Massachusetts focused on establishing a sound estate plan that provides protection and management of assets. As an elder law expert, Attorney Spring specializes in helping older people navigate and optimize their financial situation.

Estate Planning is a plan for protecting your and your family’s future. Proper planning results in avoiding many legal issues and problems.

Estate Planning consists of these major documents:

A Will to determine how your estate is transferred to your heirs when you die and to name a guardian for your children.

A Power of Attorney to name someone to manage your finances in the event you are incapacitated, either through illness, injury, or even out of town on a business or pleasure trip.

A Health Proxy to name someone to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot make your own decisions and also to set forth your wishes for medical care.

A Revocable Living Trust to maintain easy control and continuity of management of your assets while you are alive and to help avoid probate when you pass away.

Attorney Spring can help you with the difficult decisions associated with each of these documents. She will help you minimize the cost and difficulty of having to go through probate. Planning now with Attorney Spring will give you peace of mind regarding these issues.

As an elder law expert and community advocate, Attorney Carolyn R. Spring has been protecting and zealously representing the needs of older clients for over 20 years.

The Law Office of Carolyn R. Spring specializes in Elder Law and addresses issues and concerns that are unique to older clients. Being prepared can make you feel more secure as you begin this next chapter of your life.

Attorney Spring will work with you to protect more of your estate through effective strategies, including
• Advance planning for long-term care
• Asset protection
• Estate planning through the use of trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and health proxys.

While planning for future incapacitation or illness can be difficult, Attorney Spring will take the time to understand your needs and provide an individual customized solution.

We help you plan so that your retirement is smooth and with fewer problems for you as well as your children.