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Kenton Trigger

Kenton  Trigger

2945 Townsgate Rd
Westlake Village, California 91361
United States

Telephone: 805-430-3300
Firm: www.ktriggerlaw.com
Practice Overview:
As a former defense attorney, I have represented the interests of employers and insurance carriers throughout California. This experience has gained me the knowledge and ability to anticipate how the opposing side will react and the strategies they will pursue to deny or offer the lowest benefits possible. This generally translates into faster resolution of claims and maximum compensation for the injured worker.

Unlike most firms, I focus my practice exclusively on workers' compensation law. Whether at home or in the hospital, if you cannot come to my office, I will come to you. To ease the process, I use an online case management system that allows my client's to effortlessly and securely access their legal documents. This system keeps our clients informed 24/7 about new developments in their case and helps us maintain a high level of communication. Lastly, I work on a contingency fee basis. Consultations are free.