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Joseph A. Katz

Joseph A. Katz

40485 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd., #296
Murrieta, California 92563
United States

Telephone: (951) 695-1945
Firm: Joseph A. Katz, Attorney at Law PLC
Practice Overview:
Joseph A. Katz, Attorney at Law PLC, provides assertive, personalized and affordable legal services to individuals and families in the areas of Criminal Defense (every felony, misdemeanor and juvenile case) and Family Law in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.

If you have been charged with a crime, the potential consequences are very serious, and may not all be immediately apparent. It is crucial that you are represented by an experienced, committed Criminal Defense Attorney to guide you through the process. You need an Attorney who will protect your rights, develop and present your defense, and if necessary, who is able to negotiate the best possible deal for you. You should look for an Attorney who is experienced in, and who emphasizes, criminal defense, and not one who primarily practices some other area of law, and who just takes a few criminal defense cases on the side. When you hire a private attorney you should expect your attorney to provide more personalized service than an appointed attorney, and to be responsive and easy to contact. You usually will want a lawyer whose office is in the same county where you were arrested and charged. You want a lawyer who handles your case personally.

Joseph A. Katz also provides effective, caring and affordable representation in every aspect of Family Law. The processes of a separation and divorce, child custody and visitation issues and dividing property are grueling for almost all participants. Many times, those separating are very bitter toward each other, and try to do things to the other in court that they might not normally do. This can include lying about finances, false accusations, theft of property, alienating and hiding children from the other parent, and trying to humiliate the other party.

If you are filing, or planning on filing, a divorce, you need an experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive Attorney by your side. Family Law is full of intricate details and exacting requirements. An experienced Attorney will help you to protect your children and your legal and property rights. Joseph A. Katz has handled hundreds of divorce cases, and is experienced in contested custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and Restraining Order Hearings.

The first consultation is free of charge, so please do not hesitate to contact the Office for your free legal evaluation, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.


Professional Profile:
Joseph A. Katz has been practicing law full-time since 1996. After graduating from the University of San Diego, School of Law, he worked with the Public Defender’s Office for seven years, handling dozens of felony and misdemeanor jury trials, hundreds of Preliminary Hearings and other contested hearings and motions, and several thousand cases. To better focus his personal attentions on his clients, Joseph opened his own law practice in 2004, and since then has continually provided experienced, personalilzed, effective and caring representation to both Criminal Defense and Family Law clients. The huge volume of cases and combination of public and private work has given Joseph unique experience, knowledge and skill.

Known for a no-nonsense approach, Joseph is as equally at home going to trial as negotiating plea bargains. He continues to represent hundreds of clients per year, and is routinely in court on a daily basis. Joseph has handled every type of Criminal Defense case ranging from Public Intoxication to Murder. He has handled countless Driving Under the Influence cases, gone to trial on many of them, and regularly conducts Department of Motor Vehicle Hearings. Joseph has a very active Family Law practice, has handled hundreds of cases, and continues to provide aggressive yet affordable representation for his clients in all areas of Family Law, including divorce, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support and property division.

Joseph A. Katz has been practicing law and been in Court on an daily basis for fourteen years. The right Attorney means everything. Joseph will do everything in his power to make your legal experience as straightforward as possible. He will make sure you understand each stage of the process, your rights and options, and take the time to answer your questions thoroughly. Joseph will give you all of the time and pesonal attention you need to help you to feel as comfortable as possible, and to allow you to make informed decisions about these critically important issues.

UndergraduateUniversity of California, San DiegoPsychology1985
LawUniversity of San Diego, School of LawJuris Doctor1996
OtherNational UniversityTeaching Credentials: Mathematics and Psychology1991

Affiliations & Memberships:
State Bar of California
Riverside County Bar Association
Southwest Riverside County Bar Association

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