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Jackson Phillips

Jackson  Phillips

1407 Woodlawn Avenue
Wilmington, Delaware 19806
United States

Telephone: 8006768652
Firm: Law Offices of Jackson Phillips, Esquire, LLC
Practice Overview:
The Law Offices of Jackson Phillips, Esquire, is a new general practice firm servicing all of Delaware and Pennsylvania. Within a few months, we anticipate servicing New Jersey as well. Jackson Phillips, the firm's only attorney, does family law, personal injury law, and other civil litigation. And luckily for you, car accidents almost always fall under personal injury.
So, why are we so special?
1) If you have filed personal injury claims before, try to remember what percentage of your recovery was taken by your lawyer. We can't be certain, but it was probably 1/3 or even 40% of your recovery. Candidly, we think that is bullshit. You get in an accident, you feel all the pain, you do all the rehab, and your lawyer gets 40%? Not on our watch. When we accept personal injury clients we take 25% of their recovery, not including some costs, because we care what you can get more than what we can get.
2) Each of you has different circumstances, but a lot of you share the quality of being busy. You have your jobs to work and your kids to take care of, and that is just for starters. That is why Jackson Phillips offers free consultations 24/7 on a regular basis. Yes, that means that you can schedule for 4am just as easily as 4pm. We want to make your life a little bit easier. If you live in Delaware, Jackson will take this a step further and come TO you (if you'd prefer) ANYWHERE in the state 24/7. We aren't sure there is another law firm in the country that does this. Consultations are in our offices, over the phone, or at a place convenient to you.
3) Again, think back to your last attorney. Did you have trouble getting in touch with him? If you did, you experienced a common problem. Many law firms greedily chomp up as many clients as they can without taking the proper regard for the experience of the clients they already represent. We are the opposite. If you leave a message for Jackson, and if he doesn't return your call within 24 hours, the entire case will be done as a courtesy, free of charge.
As you can see, this ain't your average firm. We welcome your business should you decide to try a firm that cares more, works harder, and charges less.

New Jersey

Professional Profile:
Jackson Phillips, Esquire was only permitted to become an attorney after of years of pleading for admission. His past was a hair's breadth from permanent disqualification. If you meet him, he will probably be the only lawyer you know whose first four appearances in court were spent sitting in the criminal defendant's chair. You see, Jackson is a recovering alcoholic. He has been arrested for three DUIs and other alcohol related offenses. Today, he is 5+ years sober, has no excuses for his actions, and counts every day as a blessing.
At the same time, Jackson was trying to fight off bipolar disorder. The associated darkness resulted in him nearly not getting through Law School because of a super daytime somnolence. He couldn't keep his eyes open and often slept 18 hours a day. That is when he wasn't abusing alcohol or carrying on manic behaviors so serious that he ruined his name in the international press.
10 years ago, nobody thought Jackson would amount to anything. Nobody even believed that Jackson was a lawyer. What Jackson was, was a man who was struggling. Those struggles brought within inches of death and he committed actions that risked the lives and health of others, but he held firm to one belief. That belief is what Jackson wants to stand for. It is also why he can relate to clients better than most attorneys. The belief is that, "You are never too old to get your shit together." That is what Jackson managed to do. He found the proper treatment for his bipolar disorder, and today his symptoms are almost non-existent. It may sound cliche, but he found God in the Twelve-Step AA programs he attended. He willed his way to change himself when even his closest friends and family thought it was possible.
Understand this- This is a man who will not judge you. Hell, he has probably stood in your exact shoes. This is an attorney that will listen to you regardless of what others are saying. Nobody forfeits their chance for a consultation because of a past act because what matters is the present and the future. All Jackson asks is that you be open, honest, and willing to own up to the truth. If you are, he will fight to get you the best possible outcome for your circumstances because he knows you, just like him, are never too old to get your shit together."

UndergraduateUniversity of DelawareB.A. in Philosophy2005
LawVillanova University Law SchoolJ.D.2009

Affiliations & Memberships:
Delaware Stare Bar Association- multiple sections
Pennsylvania Bar Association- multiple sections
American Bar Association- multiple sections

As a solo practitioner trying to make a new law firm work, I haven't had too much time for my interests lately. But I used to love playing tennis.