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Halscott Megaro PA Miami

Halscott Megaro PA Miami

40 SW 13th St #301
Miami, Florida 33130
United States

Telephone: (305) 600-4627
Firm: Halscott Megaro PA Miami

Professional Profile:
The Attorneys here at Halscott Megaro PA are simply focused on altering lives by improving verdicts. Halscott Megaro's Appeals lawyers and attorneys understand that the most effective strategy to thrive in this particular field is through responsiveness. Halscott Megaro's Miami criminal defense and appeals attorneys and lawyers strive to be in steady communication along with our clients, always notifying them of progressions with their suits. On the occasion that a defendant is put in the way of a rogue prosecutor, a judge that doesn't understand the law or a defense attorney who cannot sustain their obligations, Jamie Halscott comprehends the fact that there has to be a solution to pursue justice. Consequently, Jamie Halscott has undertaken to transform the lives of individuals who have actually already been sentenced.