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David Payab

David  Payab

5850 Canoga Avenue, Suite 400
Woodland Hills, California 91367
United States

Telephone: 800-401-4466
Firm: Payab & Associates
Practice Overview:
At the Law Offices of Payab & Associates, our goal is to provide expert, timely, cost-effective and results-oriented legal advice and representation to our clients. We are committed to responding quickly to your legal needs and resolving your cases favorably. We take pride in offering our clients high quality service and personalized attention.


Professional Profile:
Specializing in Employment, Personal Injury, Auto Accident, Slip and Fall, Real Estate, and Business Litigation. More specifically, we specialize in employment law, employment discrimination, wrongful terminations, whistleblower, sexual harassments, age discriminations, pregnancy discriminations, race discrimination, sex discrimination, gender discrimination, retaliatory discharge, retaliatory discrimination, injury discrimination, nationality discrimination, employment claims, retaliation, wage and hour, wage & hour, constructive dismissal, constructive termination, constructive discharge, disability discrimination, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, unpaid rest breaks, unpaid meals, unpaid rest meals, workplace violations, unsafe work conditions, whistleblower retaliation, religion discrimination, labor laws, whistle blower retaliation, whistle blower, personal injury, auto accidents, bike accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, and dog bite cases.