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Christian K Lassen

Christian K Lassen

1515 Market St #1510
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
United States

Telephone: 215-510-6755
Firm: The Lassen Law Firm
Practice Overview:
Low 29% Fee for Injuries. Lower 25% fee for Wrongful Death.

New Jersey

Professional Profile:
I am a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer and Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer, and I have offices in both PA & NJ. I have a low 29% contingency fee for injuries, and a lower 25% contingency fee for wrongful death and minors, not the standard 40-45% like those other personal injury lawyers. The Lassen Law Firm believes you shouldn’t be hurt twice. We handle: car accidents; bus accidents; truck accidents; pedestrian accidents; motorcycle accidents; wrongful death; and more.

If you are searching for a personal injury lawyer, contact me for a free consultation at 215-510-6755.