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Asaf Dok Criminal Lawyer

Asaf Dok Criminal Lawyer

Nakhalat Yitskhak Street 32
Tel Aviv, 5558060
United States

Telephone: 972-77-5006206
Practice Overview:
Asaf Dok Criminal Law Firm specializes in practicing Criminal & Military cases in Israel. Certified to provide legal representation in court martial proceedings held at the Israeli Military Courts.

The Asaf Dok Law Firm offers legal consultation, representation and accompaniment for normative suspects and defendants throughout the entire criminal and military proceeding, starting from the allegations and preparation for the police investigation, through the stage of arrest, release and pretrial hearings and ending with the criminal trial held in various legal instances. The Firm offers its services at all hours of the day and throughout the entire country.

The Firm offers its clients a comprehensive array of services relating to criminal trials, including preparation for a criminal investigation, legal consultation and accompaniment during the investigation, representation in the arrest, release and hearing proceedings, closing a criminal case through settlement, withdrawing an indictment, stay of proceedings, ending a criminal proceeding with no conviction, criminal appeal, expungement of a criminal record, submitting a pardon application, conducting a private criminal complaint, criminal mediation, prisoner accompaniment and representation and legal consulting and representation for victims of offenses.

On principle, the Firm does not represent professional criminals and crime organizations and, as such, it represents only normative suspects and defendants for whom this is their first skirmish with law enforcement, such as businesspeople, public officials, doctors, members of the security system, hi-tech employees, lawyers, accountants, employees and other free trade professionals.

The Firm provides its clients with professional, thorough and creative legal attention as the criminal proceedings against them commence, while analyzing the situation and determining the optimal methods for managing the related risks. The principles underlying the mode in which of the cases are managed are our determined battle to retain and protect the rights and interests of the client, groundbreaking thinking and a constant attempt to provide for the unique needs of each client.

The Firm is highly experienced with both simple and complex cases thanks to the gifted and unique team that champions its clients fearlessly and loyally, stands its ground steadfastly and uncompromisingly against the various mechanisms until it achieves the goal of client satisfaction.

Professional Profile:
Our firm practices Criminal & Military Law, focusing on representing clients who do not have a criminal record.