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Anastopoulo Law Firm

Anastopoulo  Law Firm

2557 Ashley Phosphate Rd.
North Charleston, South Carolina 29418
United States

Telephone: 8003132546
Firm: Anastopoulo Law Firm
Practice Overview:
The Anastopoulo Law Firm is headquartered in South Carolina with offices in South Carolina and North Carolina. The Firm is led by Akim Anastopoulo. Akim has over 25 years of legal experience and has dedicated his life to protect the rights of the injured. He has assembled a team that shares his passion and works tirelessly to protect their clients. Akim and his legal team are committed to providing our clients with zealous legal representation and a commitment to work diligently on their cases.
Address: 2557 Ashley Phosphate Rd., North Charleston, SC, 29418
Website: http://akimlawfirm.com
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