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Amato Sanita

Amato  Sanita

111 S. Independence Mall East, Suite 592A
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
United States

Telephone: (215) 699 - 3355
Firm: Amato Sanita Attorney at Law
Practice Overview:
Amato Sanita Attorney at Law helps defend those accused of criminal offenses. Mr. Sanita is licensed to practice is both Maryland and Connecticut. Throughout years of experience, Sanita has represented thousands of clients on a number of cases. Assault, DUI, drug charges, and burglary are just a few types of cases in which Amato Sanita has defended clients.


Professional Profile:
Amato Sanita is a criminal defense attorney located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sanita has a wide range of experience, staring out handling all criminal defense matter at Freedman and Lorry, PC, before going on to start his own practice. He has represented thousands of clients on a variety of cases. Sanita's motivation for becoming a lawyer was to help individuals create a fair defense against the criminal justice system. As scary as the legal process can be for someone up against criminal defense charges, Sanita takes pride in helping his clients understand the criminal justice system. He brings his professionalism and litigating skills to all his cases, ensuring that every client has a good defense.